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Pretty and Green friendly Bowls November 6, 2008

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I am always looking for cheap but beautiful table decor. So when I came across these beautiful recycled glass bowls, I fell in love. They look so delicate and chic but, they also have a fall nautical feel to them also. At the moment a chocolate and light blue wedding palate is so refreshing and different. These bowls would look perfect with that color scheme. Paying attention to minor details always make such a difference.  And if the table looks beautiful then everything else will.

Find them at:




Wedding Day Hair November 5, 2008

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Wedding day hair…After being a stylist for more than 6 years, I have seen best best and the worst. I have always found it so amazing how much hair matters to people on that day. From the bride to the flower girl, every one wants their hair to look better than the next girl sitting beside her. Basically it all starts with the bride. First, her finding her perfect dress. Second, she grazes through countless of magazines, searching for the perfect hair. Or she has had the hair style she wants in the back of her mind since she was 12. I cant tell you how many times I have seen a future bride sit down in my chair with 10,20,30,or 40 pictures of hair styles. And as she tells me what she wants for her special day, I can only think, Why?

Her are some tips on wedding day hair, coming from a hair stylist, with no whip cream and certainly no cherry.

1. Please bring pictures with you. Even if you cant find one that has it all. If you find 3 or 4 pictures that you like, your stylist should be able to combine them all.

2. Keep this in the back of your mind at all times, I do not have the same hair type as the woman in the picture ! That means that its nearly impossible to re-create the same hairstyle on you. Dont expect your hair to up, with a mountain of curls, if your hair is shoulder length and extremely thin.

3. Do not tell your bridesmaids how to wear their hair on your wedding day. It seriously causes major friction. Every women knows what looks best on them. Your idea may look great on your sister but will look terrible on your best friend from college.

4. Please take into account, what your wedding night will be like. Cant emphasize this enough. At the end of your night, your going to be tired, worn out, and just want to have some along time with your new hubby. Do you want to spend 30 minutes taking your hair down? Then spending 30 mins washing all the hair spray and hair wax out? I have always felt that having a hairstyle that will look great after you take it down is key. Think, loose curls beautifully placed on your on top of your crown, then after taking it down, having loose beautiful curls cascading down your back. Can we say romantic?

5. Give your hair stylist a break. She wants your to look as beautiful as possible and believe me, she is really stressed out. We know how important your hair is. And we really want you to be happy.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors November 3, 2008

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While browsing this morning I came across the cutest wedding favors! Tree’s !!!!!

Give trees to your guests as a special reminder of your big day. Your unique and thoughtful mementos will be living memorials that last a lifetime. A thoughtful and appreciated gift today, they go on to make a contribution for generations to come. And the plastic tube can be a bird feeder ! Such a great way to show your guests how easy it is being green.

  • Include your own message on a beautiful customizable label.
  • These hardy evergreen trees can be planted outdoors when timing and conditions permit, stored in a refrigerator, or grown for months indoors.

Go to www.arborday.org for more info


Wedding Poll

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New Trend: The color Purple

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When I think of the color purple, I think of royalty and richness. And when the color means good judgement and happiness, how can you go wrong? Over the weekend, I observed a wedding that I will be showcasing in the future. For her flowers, she chose, royal purple cala lilies, dark crimson roses, and cadmium orange flowers. The final look was so fresh and chic. For the reception, the table linens were the color of butter cream, the center pieces were beautiful vases filled with crystal and dark branches with little hints of purple flowers, and the space was lit with fantastic amber candles. The end result, a wedding that could have been fit for a queen.


Whats To Come …

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Welcome to Ocean State Weddings ! I personally want to thank you for visiting my site !

Ocean State Weddings will be a blog devoted to helping women get married in Rhode Island. We will offer tips and ideas from real brides, find the best vendors for the lowest prices, and help you plan every aspect of your special day. I have been working in the wedding industry for the past 10 years. From working with caterers to styling hair, I have experience in every aspect of weddings. I hope this site helps and enjoy !